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We Help Business Professionals Grow Profitable Revenue

Partners and senior associates at every level are understandably anxious about thriving in the “make it or break it” world of business development for professional services.

Whatever training or coaching they receive often leaves them with little or no follow-up or concrete steps they can take TODAY to make an impact. 

Meet Your Coach.  


Philip Austin is a proven business development executive and professional services coach with 20+ years of results at regional, national and global firms, including Ernst & Young, Ropes & Gray, Nixon Peabody and Troutman Pepper. 


Experience includes: 

  • Business Development coach to individuals and teams, working side-by-side to help them grow their business and prepare for and win pitch opportunities.

  • Strategic account management, including personally conducting and coaching partners and practice group leaders on client feedback/interviews and effective follow-up.

  • Pursuit strategist, identifying and coordinating teams and strategies to pursue and win new client relationships.

  • Industry-focused relationship development, bringing hands-on expertise: issue-spotting, relationship-mapping and cross-selling.

  • Trusted advisor to practice group/firm leadership and attorneys at all levels.

  • Highly skilled and successful sales pursuit and client team leader, generating eight-figure revenues annually.

  • Developer of numerous training and coaching programs for hundreds of service firm professionals at all levels, from junior associates to senior partners.

  • Proven team leader/manager who invests in the growth of direct reports and models the ability to navigate, integrate and advance a business development culture within a partnership environment.

  • Interviewed 200+ leading entrepreneurs for EY's Entrepreneur Of The Year program.

  • Featured speaker at leadership and management committee meetings, and other firm-wide partner, associate and practice group retreats.

Professor Lecturing on Stage

 5x5x5 Program Summary


Most junior partners and senior associates benefit greatly from structured, sustained business development coaching, and they want their firms to invest in their success as business developers. But for many firms, in-house BD directors and talent development professionals are challenged to add BD coaching to their growing list of responsibilities.  To help address this need, Austin-Windsor Consulting has co-developed and piloted (at an AmLaw20 firm) the 5x5x5 BD coaching program…

The 5x5x5 Program in a nutshell:

Cohorts of 5 attorneys—a cross-practice mix can work well—are selected by senior partners to commit to 5 one-hour facilitated sessions over 5 weeks.  The sessions are conducted via Zoom or similar platform.


Each 5-session flight consists of the following modules:

  • Business Development this Week: Any participant who has a pitch, a lunch, or any planned BD activity shares with the group for brainstorming and helpful input.

  • Elevator Speech Exchange: Each week after the first session (which will include training on effective elevator pitches), we have one or two participants “stand and deliver” their elevator speech, seeking input from colleagues.  (I’m often told, “they’ll never do that,” but the post-program surveys show that group members find this training among the most valuable takeaways.)

  • Training: As the group’s facilitator, I share a useful insight from a menu of topics. This discussion uncovers further interest and one-on-one coaching needs. Topics include:

    • Soliciting client feedback

    • Delivering extraordinary client service

    • Current client development

    • Questions that uncover client needs

    • Cross-selling—keys to client growth across practices

    • Developing a personal business plan

    • Competitive intelligence

    • Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)

    • Networking and new client development

    • Public relations/social media

  • Tales from the Road: We conclude each session with ten minutes of insights from a more senior partner—a story about their career, the sale they won (or lost) and why, etc.

  • Follow up: Three weeks after “graduation” from the 5 sessions, we hold a class reunion (virtual drinks optional) to catch up on some of the topics we covered in the 5x5x5 sessions.  I send participants a brief survey to learn what they found most helpful and ask them if they want to continue to collaborate regularly, with or without my facilitation.  (Every group I have worked with has asked for MORE frequent meetings and opportunities to collaborate on BD topics.) 

Why participants love the 5x5x5 Program:

  • Respect for me and my time as a partner/associate--efficient and effective: 5 weeks, one hour per week—short and sweet (and virtual). Each flight has a beginning, middle and end with optional group sessions and/or one-on-one meetings with me.

  • Chosen/selected by the firm’s leaders: A senior partner selects participants for each flight of cohorts. Their takeaway: “My firm is investing in my business development abilities/acumen.”

  • Cross-practice collaboration:  Meet with attorneys from adjacent practices in a safe, "Chatham House Rules" environment.

  • Skill-building: While each session is only intended to give a brief training/tutorial on the subjects listed above, group members increase their basic awareness of key skills and can receive additional one-on-one coaching upon request.

  • Senior partner interaction:  The brief “Tales from the Road” segment gives group members a unique, candid view of business development challenges and successes.

  • On-call access to coaching:  I am always available to participants who could benefit from additional coaching.  When you are my client, my passion is to help members of your team succeed.


This model works!  The 5x5x5 Program has garnered unsolicited praise from participating members and their partners and practice group leaders. There are more details about what makes this program successful that I would be happy to share with you, but in short: 5x5x5 is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to meet a critical need—developing attorney BD skills and investing in your best and brightest for greater retention and success.


You can learn more about my experience with professional service firms (including Credit Suisse, EY, Ropes & Gray, Nixon Peabody, and Troutman Pepper) on my LinkedIn page here.  My greatest passion, in 25+ years of business development, has been coaching partners and senior associates on ways to help them build revenue.


5x5x5 Pricing: Pricing for each 5-attorney, 5-session flight of 5 weeks begins at $5,000.  This includes everything outlined above. More about my pricing philosophy is here.

Let’s discuss whether this program is a potential fit for your firm, or if there is any way I can help your teams further succeed.

 "I needed a coach who would work with me to triple my business. I was thinking:  ‘It's in me; I just need someone to help me find it.’ Philip helped me get there."

—Former client and corporate associate, now a practice group leader at an AmLaw 100 firm


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