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Partner Coaching

We help partners at every level achieve their professional and revenue goals.

Junior Partners

"I'm in... now how do I really succeed?  I want to find inspiration in what I do every day.  My clients want that level of passion from me. And I'm determined to bring it."

Junior partners are in a unique position when it comes to business development skills.  Building relationship pipelines, new "soft skills," growing deeper, broader relationships with existing clients.  We help them ask the right questions first, and we co-develop practical, do-able steps to find the right answers.  Then we execute.  Relentlessly.


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Mid-Level Partners

"I've worked hard and I've brought success.  Still, I know there are new levels to reach. I know that I can double my business.  Quintuple my value to my clients.  I just need someone I can work with to help me get there."

In an increasingly mobile mid-level partner landscape, helping your partners achieve their and your goals together is critical. We help them find the path to succeeding through the next chapter of their career. No workbooks... no binders of strategy documents... no BS. Let's focus together on what we will do TODAY to get to the top.


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Senior Partners

"More than ever in my career, I need to think about what's next. For my clients, for me, for my firm. I don't like thinking about succession--but I know that they all want my very best. And we all deserve that."


Senior Partners are the firm's most important assets--for this decade, for the next generation, for the future of the firm. We discuss what you want to accomplish--what is 'winning' for you. And we work together to help you get there. 


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