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RFPs, AFAs/Auctions, Pitches, Differentiating Strategies

The rules for winning and protecting client relationships have changed.  Completely.

Client relationships and loyalty are under pressure more than ever.  Your clients' procurement/pricing professionals and department budgets are influencing and driving decisions about which outside firms are engaged and for which projects. 


We bring decades of experience developing strategies with pitch teams that protect current relationships and win new business.  We thoroughly understand and develop the most sophisticated pricing (AFAs) and messaging approaches.  We work alongside your professional and business support teams--whether it's to provide a thoughtful, long-term strategic account program or under the tightest RFP/RFI deadlines. We are available to our clients 24x7x365 to provide revenue-enhancing guidance.


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Proven. Focused. Efficient. Relentless. Building firm revenue and business development skills.

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